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Our services

Psychotherapeutic Services

  • Aims to stabilize and resolve the presenting problems and return the clients to previous healthy levels of functioning.

  • Include treatment and/or psychological health programs / services tailored to presenting problems and the unique situation of the client.

  • Among problems that we deal with are : Depression, Adjustment to Life Changes, Anxiety, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Stress Management and Lifestyle Review.

Maintenance / Recovery Services

  • Address residual challenges associated with recovery from trauma / addiction / substance abuse / losses (financial / relationships / retrenchments etc)

  • For example post-rehabilitation (addiction / marriage breakdown / financial / treatment from chronic diseases), clients may need to consolidate gains made in their journey to recovery.

Contracted Consultation Services

  • Specialist designer programs / services to promote psychological health, often provided off-site

  • Psychological Education & Training – training of individuals / groups / organisations in mamanging changes / diversity in their environments

  • Psychological management of chronic diseases / illness / conditions (HIV/AIDS / Cancer / Acquired Disability / Traumtic Brain Injury.

  • Psychological Wellness Management in the Workplace.

Psychological Assessments

  • General psychological assessments to establish the current and possible psychological impacts of events on well-being.

  • Establish available and needed resources to minimise the adverse impact of events on the clientele’s psychological well-being. For example, individual embarking on divorce are assisted to identify their level of readiness to cope psychologically with such a decision, identify what additional resources they may need to cope better with the aftermath of the divorce.

  • Psychological risk assessments relating to new changes in environments / circumstances of clientele. Psychological Assessment to facilitate in Recruitment / Organisational Decision-Making.

Psycho- / Medico-legal Assessments

  • These represents specialist branch of psychological assessement that deals with the relationship between psycholgy and the law.

  • Assess individual for the purpose of assisting the courts to establish the clients’ psychological state and psychological impact of specific events such as Road Accidents, Medical Negligence etc on their well-being and how to mediate the adverse impact of such on people affected.

  • Neuropsychological assessments – aimed as establishing the neuropsychological impact of specific conditions / trauma on the neuropsychological well-being of individuals and develop programs to address these

Relationship Management , Enhancement and Restoration

  • Premarital Counselling / Marriage Preparation program for individuals / partner who intend to marry. This program and related services or activities assist partners to define jointly values that would guide their union, equip them with skills to navigate the inherent challenges of marital union.

  • Among other partners are assisted to establish agreed-upon values in key areas of marriage, i.e finances, relationship with in-laws, relationship with friends, relationship with previous partners, career development, leisure and children.

  • Assess and evaluate the marital climate and atmosphere to identify potential risk factors for marital collapse.

  • Equip partners with necessary communication tools to facilitate on-going renewal of the relationship